Inspiring Women In Sport

Wednesday morning, London Aquatics Centre, 300 14 to 15 year old school girls, Clare Balding as host, 60 influential females from the world of sport, what’s not to love. The ‘Inspiring Women in Sport’ campaign is the brainchild of the charity Education and Employers Taskforce and today’s event is a speed-dating type affair (without the […]

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A Positive Image-Inspiring Confidence

It’s my fourth visit to the House of Commons, and it is always accompanied by a feeling of mischief; like I shouldn’t quite be there, in those ornate surroundings steeped in history and importance. I try to walk with that sense of propose that defies my wide eyed intrigue and desire to start snapping away […]

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A tribute to the German fans…

at the Nurburgring 24 hour race! As I’ve watched the great scenes of German supporters lining the streets this week, welcoming their footballing heroes back home, I couldn’t help think of the value that fans add to the drama and impact of sport. A few weeks ago, I headed to Nurburgring to film the latest […]

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It’s almost London Marathon time!

This weekend I am running the London Marathon for the brilliant charity Place2Be. The above pic is after a 20mile run, where me and my Place2Be vest enjoyed an ice bath (sort of!) I am writing this with the familiar pre-race nerves, those butterflies that run wild when you are about to test yourself, enormously! […]

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Place2Be Christmas Concert.

There is being asked to read at a charity concert and then there is being asked to read alongside alongside Joan Collins, Joanna Lumley, Jeremy Irons and Sophie Dahl! To say I had butterflies would be an understatement! Place2Be, with whom I’ve developed a lovely relationship over the past few months, was holding its annual […]

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What a weekend! Mini Bolt took to the stage! I addressed 250 women entrepreneurs at the Ignite event, held in Birmingham. The subject of my talk – how to be an authentic presenter and light up the stage and screen! I drew on my love of sport and the time spent in and around great […]

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A Positive Image

I’m writing this straight off the back of giving a talk to 50 girls aged between 11-16 at Pimlico Academy for ‘A Positive Image’ campaign – and I can feel my adrenaline just about getting back to normal-ish now. I discovered pretty quickly that speaking to a group of girls sat a few inches away […]

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Place2Be at BGC Charity Day!

I arrived at number One Churchill Place, the towering Barclays sky scraper in Canary Wharf, literally chomping at the bit for my taste of banking excitement. BGC Charity Day commemorates the lives lost on 9/11 by donating the global revenues of the day to dozens of charities, in the process turning something tragic into something […]

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Mint Polo in the Park 2013

I’m still buzzing from it. It was my introduction into the world of polo proper, and what a fascinating world that is.  The dresses, the champagne, the high society intertwined in a sport that is fast, dynamic and exhilarating. It is easy to overlook the danger aspect as the players, with their high goal handicap, control […]

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The Launch of Mint Polo In The Park

It’s the launch of ‘MINT Polo at the Park’ and it’s my first year covering the event. I am suitably suited and booted – in white jeans and polo shirt! Prep’s been done, which included discovering that England captain and heading up IG Team Sydney at this year’s event, is old school pal Jamie Morrison. […]

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